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Know your Linux 05: Services and daemons

Hello and welcome to the fifth entry in “Know Your Linux“ series. This time let’s talk about Linux’s services.

Before we dive right in 🏄‍♂️, make sure to check out the previous entry.

Do you have your diving mask on? Let’s go.

WTF is a service or a daemon?

Daemons are a kind of non-interactive process that runs in the background. They basically are detached from the keyboard and display.

Services also do not need a terminal. They run in the background to provide some service like apache.

All good and dandy, but what could we do?

I would like to introduce you guys to systemctl. What’s that? It’s a super cool program used to inspect and control services running on your machine. When it comes to services systemctl is your friend.

There is so much that you can do with systemctl. We will discuss the most famous use cases. If you want to know more, you should definitely visit the man pages. If you don’t know what the man pages are. Take a quick look at my second entry.

systemctl is a command-line program. All you need to do is type the command in terminal.

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The service here is the command’s target. Basically, it is the service you want to manage using systemctl.

What about the command? There is a list of commands you can do.

Command What it does?
status Returns the status of the service
start Attempts to start the service 🙏
stop Stops the service
restart Restarts the service
reload Reloads the service’s configuration. This applies the new configuration.
enable Enables autostart on boot
disable Disables autostart on boot

Service’s status

Now, Let’s see the different statuses that every service could have. 

Status Name Status Description
loaded The service’s configuration files have been loaded successfully
active The service is running or waiting for a certain event to run.
inactive The service is not currently running
enabled The service will start at boot
disabled The service will not start at boot

That’s all from my side. ✋

If you enjoyed the post, please let me know and checkout the next entry. 🙄

As always,
Happy coding 🔥🔥
كود بسعادة”

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