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How am I dealing with anxiety during COVID-19

It's safe to say that everyone's anxiety levels have been skyrocketing due to COVID-19. Some lost their jobs, some are finding it hard to find a job. Everyone is stressing over their future, their finances, and their lifestyle.

I am no different. I found myself in an even more tricky situation because I resigned from my job not so long before corona hit.

The first couple of weeks were the hardest. Feeling completely lost and watching my plans crumble. I also had lots of free time because I wasn't working. I binge-watched corona updates and overstressed myself even more.

It was a vicious cycle. I wake up in the morning. I watch the news. I get stressed. I play video games to calm myself. I get a small relief. I overthink about how unproductive I am, I get even more stressed. It felt like hell. Every time I try to get myself out of it and reduce my anxiety, I end up increasing it somehow.

Now, after some time have passed. I am more in control, I managed to escape this cycle and I want to share with you what helped me do it.

Quit/Reduce social media

That was key! Yes, Scrolling for hours on end may numb the pain and pass the time. but, social media have always been - for me - in some way behind every bit of stress and anxiety.

Not watching the news might feel like burying your head in the sand. Think about it for a sec! You already know all the necessary info about this virus. The numbers and the graphs will only give you anxiety.

Start running

All my life, I thought running was boring. COVID-19 changed my mind. After they closed swimming pools, gyms and pretty much every place you can exercise in. I started running just to keep doing any form of physical exercise. I never thought that running was super important for my mental health.

After sticking to the habit of running every other day. Turns out, running gives me something much more important - for me - than being fit. It gave me a "Clear head". Something that I used to travel long ways, pay money, and spend 3-4 days to get. Something that I desperately needed after a couple of weeks of overthinking & anxiety.

I asked my super awesome cousin why she runs and she responded

"I consider it a form of meditation"

Its time for me to brag a bit. I recently completed my first 5km. Fingers crossed, I will finish a 10km next month. A half marathon (21k) is slowly creeping into my 2021's bucket list. It's crazy how a couple of months ago, I genuinely believed that running is boring.

Running and quitting social media are helping me overcome anxiety during these crazy days. What about you, What worked for you? Please let me know in the comments below. If you feel like you are still struggling with anxiety, What are you waiting for? Go for a run. Now!!

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