DotNet OpenSource Days-3

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Dot Net Open Source Days (3 Part Series)

1) DotNet OpenSource Days -1 2) DotNet OpenSource Days-2 3) DotNet OpenSource Days-3

Conducting a virtual conference is always different than organizing an in-person event. We had some great talks shared by our amazing speakers.

Thanks to all speakers who shared their insights at DotNet Open Source Days. We will be back in November for Version 2.0 with another set of amazing content.

Did you miss attending the conference? If so we have got you covered.

Check out the amazing keynote delivered by Chris Woodruff

Scientist DotNet Overview by Matt Eland @integerman

Your Technology your way by Rob Richardson

NoSQL Design Patterns by Ado Kukic

Deep Dive on .git Folder by Rob Richardson

Watch this page as we publish all the talks to YouTube.

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