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Bashu Naimi-Roy
Bashu Naimi-Roy

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Alt text: Race / Ethnicity

This came up recently and I'm still pondering.

When you're writing alt-text for an image which portrays people, do you describe the skin colour / apparent ethnicity of the people in the photo?

Why or why not?

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Savvas Stephanides

TL;DR: No.

Ask yourself: Is the main purpose of posting the image, the race and ethnicity of the people in the photo? For an abled user look at the photo, is this the main take away?

The vast majority of the time the answer is No. For your banner photo, your alt text should be "two business people shaking hands while others around them applaud". That's it. That's all you need to convey the point of the image. The race/gender/ethnicity of the actors involved is irrelevant is this case.