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My last day at a corporate job in Dec 2019...

bartosz_io profile image Bartosz Pietrucha ・1 min read

Hi, my name is Bartosz. I have spent 9 years working as a software engineer and 5 years at the university to get my Master's Degree in Computer Science.

👉 The photo presents my last day at a corporate job in December 2019.
Let me tell you a story...

When I was about 13 yo I learned about some strange craft called "programming". And I started learning. Later software engineering became my profession. It was a hell of a journey.

In 2017, I was invited to speak at the conference in Israel, where I could share some of my knowledge. And this started a period of traveling around the World (including countries like Russia, Colombia, Germany, Belgium to name a few) and teach a lot of people.

During that time I started creating a brand called Angular Academy. Writing blog posts, creating videos, webinars, and stuff like that. All of that happening "after hours", because I had a regular, corporate job. In 2019 I asked my readers if they would buy an online learning program from me.

And they did. Real people gave me real money because they trusted me. I decided to risk and leave a well paid and safe job.

Now, after successfully delivering my promise to those people in Feb 2020, I opened the next edition of Angular Enterprise Security Academy.

And people are joining. Wish me luck.

PS. This is just a piece of a very long story. Would you like to read more about it?


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caroso1222 profile image
Carlos Roso

Very brave, good look Bartosz!

bartosz_io profile image
Bartosz Pietrucha Author

Thank you Carlos!