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Role-based access control in Angular & Node

bartosz_io profile image Bartosz Pietrucha ・1 min read

Role-based access control in Angular & Node

Design, implement and secure a full-stack role-based access control system in 60 minutes 👉 Register for free

What you'll learn:

The case of role-based application
Learn the essential design decisions and domain modeling for multi-user account system from the full-stack perspective

Managing permissions
We'll discuss different vectors of authorization for the described class of systems and provide a starting point for further design decisions

Designing a secure REST API
Learn proved recipes for designing REST API for user login, signup, and application's restricted areas that require proper authorization

UserAuth object
Discover a convenient mechanism to transport user's information and roles

Conditional components visibility
How do we adapt a Single Page Application for a given role of a currently logged user? Learn about useful techniques and tricks.

BONUS: Failed logins throttling
How to secure an application from brute force or dictionary attacks? Let's design and implement a login throttler!

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