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Microsoft and the Generative AI Surge: What is Coming in 2024?


2023 is the year of "Generative AI"!! Many companies including Microsoft are all-in in crafting new platforms, services, solutions, offers hoping it is the next big "growth engine" for years to come. Specifically, for Microsoft there is a tsunami of new innovations hitting the market and not just from the "Microsoft" brand either. To get a complete grasp of Microsoft's current AI strategy and upcoming innovations with Generative AI for early 2024, consider consuming the content from the conferences listed below. In these conferences, Microsoft either owns or co-owns AI intellectual property. Also, AI was either the main theme or a sub-theme in these four recent conferences:

OpenAI DevDay 2023

OpenAI DevDay 2023 was a developer conference hosted by OpenAI on November 6, 2023, in San Francisco. OpenAI is a separate company from Microsoft, however Microsoft does own a significant stake in the "for profit" component of OpenAI. Therefore, the innovations and advancements announced from OpenAI usually will make it to Microsoft Azure. So, this conference is an excellent event to gauge what is coming to Microsoft Azure AI in the next few weeks/months.

A full summary of announcements from OpenAI:

Some of the major announcements made at the event were:

GitHub Universe 2023

GitHub is a cloud-based company with services tailoring to software developers. Like LinkedIn, GitHub is owned by Microsoft (100%), but it operates separately under the GitHub brand. GitHub Universe 2023 took place, which primarily focused on new AI products & services. This conference is particularly interesting to developer personas interested in AI innovations with Microsoft.

GitHub Universe 2023 summary & key takeaways: Universe's key takeaway: Innovate better with AI-powered workflows on a single, unified platform - The GitHub Blog

Here is a summary of the GitHub 2023 Universe Conference, focusing on AI and developer productivity:

Microsoft Ignite 2023

Microsoft Ignite 2023 was a four-day event that showcased the latest innovations and advancements in AI, data, and cloud technologies. For a complete list of everything that Microsoft announced, please review the Ignite 2023 Book of News which includes areas to drill into: videos, blog posts, demos etc.:

Recorded keynotes & breakouts are available on Microsoft's Ignite channel (also some sessions can be found on YouTube): Session catalog (

Below are some of the main ignite highlights related to AI:

.NETConf 2023

.NETConf 2023 was a three-day virtual developer event that focused on the release of .NET 8, the latest version of the .NET platform offered with long-term support. The conference featured sessions on various topics related to .NET development, with a special emphasis on performance, AI, machine learning, and general development features in .NET 8.

All the sessions were recorded and available to watch on the "DotNet" YouTube channel:

Some of the highlights of the conference were:

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