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Now that we have ChatGPT, should you still learn Software Development in 2023/24?

My very brief take on this current era is simple: while models like ChatGPT, Bard, Copilot, CodeWhisperer are truly impressive, they still make significant mistakes far too often, and it is likely that this trend will persist for some time. Who will be responsible for identifying and rectifying these errors? Who will be responsible for improving these tools and scaling them for large-scale usage? (Hint: Software engineers).

As a result, I anticipate that we will encounter numerous bugs in production in the years to come, which, in the future, perhaps the copilots or similar tools will be capable of automatically fixing. However, at the end of the day, I do not believe these tools will ever be able to fully replace the expertise and problem-solving skills of a competent software engineer who possesses a deep understanding of the underlying principles and complexities of software development.

While AI models like ChatGPT are powerful tools that can augment certain aspects of software development, they are not a substitute for the comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired through formal education and practical experience in software development. In fact, I believe that with the enhanced speed and efficiency provided by these tools, we possess the capability to extend the benefits of AI to a wider audience. As a result, there will be a greater demand for Software Engineers who can leverage these advancements to make this technology accessible to more people.

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