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#100DaysOfCode | Day3,4

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Day 3 and 4
Hey everyone!
I'm not gonna leave this community .... hahaha
I just wanna share my experience about Day3 and 4.
The reason why I didn't write any post from two days ago was working on a problem which was a little bit confusing for me, I know maybe it can be sooooo easy for some of you but for me as newbie it was not!

so I googled a lot and read a lot of blogs and posts to solve that problem that I'm gonna share in the next post!

That problem called hamming!
At first when I was coding I wrote around 25 lines of code for that simple problem, :) !
but after a day that I got mad, I told myself hey mand wake your lips, Keep Calm and BeatBox cuz I knew that I'll find a solution for it.

Alt Text
When a Soldier BeatBoxing(What about a Junior dev?)

finally I found Zip() function so helpful for that problem, and Ya know what?
I danced a lot after solving that simple problem and Beatboxing when I was dancing!
so trust in the process and Keep moving forward dudes.

Keep it up ツ

Code with 💛


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amir • Edited

finally you have been succeeded :))))))
i'm really excited to see your coding progress ....
you amazingly motivate me bro .

banji220 profile image

Boom, nice to hear nice words from ya my Homie-G.