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My FLOSS Project is Launched! Come and Help!

Abel Lifaefi Mbula
Software Developer and FLOSS Advocate
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I've started a small project that aims at helping organizations easily manage their interns. The main idea is to manage interns' attendance, but we might add new features as requested.

The app is standalone that you can install on your local server or even computer.

The technical stack is Docker, PHP, MySQL...

Do use it and let me know things we can improve.

You can also contribute code as well.

The code is here.

Discussion (2)

marvinoliveiras profile image
Marcos Silva

hello Abel!
I found your project very interesting, I downloaded your repository and I have some suggestions to do:

  • I recommend applying OOP (object-oriented programming) to this project to make your code more organized, maintainable, etc.
  • I also recommend moving the file index.php and .htaccess to the / public folder and set this directory as Apache's DocumentRoot. This will give you more security, because whoever is accessing your system will not be able to access the other Classes and scripts except through index.php.
  • Error handling (try, catch): this must also be implemented as it makes your application friendlier and especially safer. An exception can provide a lot of dangerous information for the attacker. Some other things can be changed or improved, but these I consider to be the first things to be dealt with. Good studies. note: forgive my English from Google Translate.
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Abel Lifaefi Mbula Author

Hi Marcos,

Thank you so much for your comment. I really really appreciate it. I'll take all these points into consideration. I'll keep you updated in this thread.