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Game development is hard

The last weeks I worked with my friends in free time on making our game from the beginning, we don't have experience in this area. Lets I want to describe how it begins.

Me and my friend we were staying in the nice bar, drink the cool wines. We were talking about life after 30 :) and how awesome was the time when we played in the console games. We don't have enough time to play these days. I am backend developer, he was working as a developer for accountant software (but started to learn javascript and found the first job to work more in frontend area). I told my story about the school days when I was learning Macromedia Flash to build the small games.

Then my friend said(Igor):

  • You know I have the friend(Vitaly) who works in the grocery shop but he wants to build the games as well.

It begins. 3 people from different areas.

We decided to use Unity because it looks like it's the fastest way to build the game these days.

I started to focus on the backend part and HTTP client for Unity to talk with the server.

  1. What the idea for the game? OK, ... the idea is about ..., talk with friends, take anything from the tutorials and build it. Looked good, let's continue and make the product.
  2. Where to get the assets? OK, ... it's so hard but search for assets in Unity store. We had black Friday prices, 45$ and we got UI asset.
  3. Where to get the player asset? OK, ... google it, found the asset, talk with the owner, get approve and update INFO popup in the game. Done it.
  4. Test and test it.
  5. How to earn money? We can earn, we added in-app purchases and watch an ad to continue but it didn't break the gameplay. You can still live without it and it would not distract the game.
  6. Get the feedbacks. We are using gyroscope control. It looks like we need to change it.
  7. For now, it's in google play market Sweety Jumper - Android.
  8. Now we don't have the marketing or ads to promote the app, it would require to spend more money but hopefully if people like it, it would not require to spend) :)
  9. I would suggest to use to see your users (DAU, MAU), at least you would see the stats about your plays.

in the other articles, I will try to describe the primary bottlenecks on using Unity and game dev for the beginner at all.

Games(I believe it should more than one :)):
Sweety Jumper - Android




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