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[GameDev] Crystal Blast

Hi everyone!

Few days ago we published the new game. No ads, no payments, it's only about the fun. The technicals issues are still happing for us because the game dev is new are for us.

Briefly that can't handle ourselves now but probably the community could help us to find out the problem.

We are using Unity. It's awesome platform for fast prototyping the games for multiple platforms.

The issues:

  • on using Android publish for our other game ( Sweety Jumper ) we added in app purchases package and ads package (google ads). it compiles well enough but after the installation on the device it didn't open the ads and it's impossible to buy anything in production or beta testing modes for purchases. Did anyone have the same issues on building for android from Unity? ios is working fine on device in the same. Probably someone can suggest anything how to debug it properly, I believe it could be the dependencies with jars on building the apk but don't see the proper way how to resolve it.

Our game new game is Crystal Blast

Product Hunt for Upvotes:

  • Sweety Jumper Up
  • Crystal Blast Up

If you have time please review the game, I would appreciate.

Thank you for reading!


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