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Bala Madhusoodhanan
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Your Expense Entry Sidekick: The 'Irona' of Automation

Like many of you, I travel a lot for work, to meet my team and attend conferences around the world. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, and exploring new places. With multiple hops in one trip, keeping track of receipts and payments bills might be bit of a challenge. We could all use a little assistance, Richie Rich had Irona, the loyal robot maid, to help with household chores, we have our very own 'Expense Entry Irona' to assist in streamlining the way we manage expenses.

Conceptual Architecture View:
The Idea here is leverage the receipt processor AI builder for any new document synced with a specific one drive. The below concept is based on when a file gets dropped in one drive, power automate would trigger a pre-built AI builder to capture the pre-canned Receipts meta data and writes into a sharepoint list.

Image description

Example workflow would be as below:

Image description

The test receipt used is as below

Image description

And the automation in action

Rcpt Demo

Closing Thoughts:
With the magic of Power Automate, we've created a flow that calls upon the Receipt Processing AI Builder, our 'Expense Entry Irona,' to capture and organize expense data effortlessly. No more sifting through piles of receipts and manual data entry; our trusty AI assistant is here to make the process as smooth as a well-oiled machine.

Receipt Processing

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Jaime López

Clear example of how to use it for easing people's life. My congrats!!!!

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Bala Madhusoodhanan

Made a travel after a long long long time and as the saying goes.... ""Necessity is the mother of invention""