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Wireframing –Essential For Building Power Apps

A wireframe is a simple drawing or sketch that shows the basic layout and design of an app.

A wireframe is like the blueprint or plan you create when building with Legos. It would shows the basic layout and design of a website or an app, just like how a Lego blueprint shows the layout and design of what you're building. It shows where each button, picture, and section of text will be located on the screen, and how everything will be connected together, just like a Lego blueprint shows where each Lego piece will be located and how everything will be connected together.
By creating a wireframe first, you can make sure that all the different parts of your app fit together and work well, just like how you make sure all the different pieces of your Lego creation fit together and don't fall apart. It's a great way to plan out your design and make sure everything looks and works the way you want it to.

Scenario for WireFrame usecases:
This month have been exploring different logistics use case that supported leveraging "PowerApps" from power platform. One segment as part of the series is to explore how Power platform could assist small business in the parcel management industry where the operation is more manual and managed via spreadsheet

By building a custom PowerApp for parcel management, small businesses can streamline their workflows and automate many of the time-consuming and manual tasks associated with managing parcels.

  • For example, the app can help labeling, Logistics routing / transportation and Proof of delivery notifications, which can improve efficiency and save time.

  • In addition would enrich the customer experience leading to repeat business and positive reviews.

  • Operational cost for small businesses can reduce by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. The app can also help optimize delivery routes, reducing fuel costs and improving delivery times

  • The data captured through the App can be used to identify trends, improve workflows, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations

Helping a small business provider with their parcel management operation process below WireFrames could provide insights and enable immediate feedback
The launch screen would be Field of service screen enabling user to interact and work on a specific task
Image description

If the User was working on labelling requirement it involved selection of task, locking the task for exclusive operation and printing labels. The conceptual Mock screen would look as below

Image description

If the User was working on Transportation task it involved scanning the parcel label to understand the transportation task, understand the routing recommendation (i.e., distance and time to be factored to complete the task) and self checkin of the task The conceptual Mock screen would look as below

Image description

The last step of the operation would be delivering the parcel to the end customer and would involve capturing proof of delivery. The user could initiate the Proof of delivery by scanning the label and then taking images as a proof and / or getting a hand written confirmation and closing the task. The conceptual Mock screen would look as below

Image description

How Wireframe could help with PowerApp design ?

  • By wireframing your Power App, you can also make sure that the different screens and features of your app fit together and work well. This is important because if you don't plan your app well, it can end up being confusing or difficult to use.

  • Wireframing can also be a helpful way to communicate your design ideas to other members of your team or to end user. By creating a visual representation of your app, you can get feedback and input from others before you start building the app, which can help you create a better product overall

Benefits of Wireframe process:

  1. Clear visualization of the design: Wireframes provide a clear visualization of the design, which helps designers, developers, and end user to better understand the layout and structure of the app.
  2. Efficient design process: Wireframes can help to identify design problems early on in the design process, and allow for quick modifications before committing to a design direction. This can lead to a more efficient design process and faster design cycles.
  3. Consistent design: Wireframes ensure that the design remains consistent throughout the entire app. This is especially important for larger teams where multiple designers are working on the same project. 4.Cost-effective design: Wireframes help to identify the key elements and components of the design, making it easier to create a budget and timeline for the project.

While wireframes can help to facilitate communication between the design team and end users, there is a risk of miscommunication if the user does not fully understand the purpose of the wireframe or if they have unrealistic expectations.

Overall, wireframing is a helpful process in Power App development because it allows you to plan and design your app in a more efficient and effective way, which can help you create a better product and save time and effort in the long run. However, it's important to be aware of potential issues and address them early on in the design process to avoid costly changes later on



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