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Cybersecurity 101 - Part 4

Threat and vulnerability management is a process that helps keep people and their things safe from harm. It helps to identify things that could be dangerous or harmful, like viruses or hackers, and then take steps to protect against those things. It's a little bit like a doctor checking your body to make sure you're healthy, but instead of checking your body, we're checking things like computer systems or websites to make sure they're safe and secure

  • Vulnerability Scanning is a way to check for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in a computer system or network. You might walk around the castle and look for any places where someone could easily get in, like a door that isn't locked or a wall that's not very high. Vulnerability scanning is like walking around a castle, but instead of looking for physical weaknesses, we're looking for weaknesses in the computer system or network. Software bugs or outdated software are exploited by hackers to get access to the system

  • Patch Management is the process of finding, downloading, and installing these patches to make sure the software is working properly and is secure. It's a little bit like a doctor giving you medicine to help you feel better when you're sick. Just like the medicine helps your body get better, patches help the software on your computer or other device work better and stay safe

  • Threat Management is the process of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing threats to a computer system or network, and then taking steps to protect against those threats. A threat is something that could potentially cause harm, like a virus that can damage your computer or a hacker who wants to steal your personal information. Threat management helps you stay safe by identifying these threats and taking steps to prevent them from causing harm. It's a little bit like a lifeguard at a pool. The lifeguard is always watching for things that could be dangerous, like someone who can't swim or a storm that might cause the pool to become unsafe. If they see something that could be dangerous, they take steps to protect the people in the pool, just like threat management helps protect your computer or other devices from harm

  • Penetration testing also known as "pen testing," is a way to test the security of a computer system or network. Imagine you have a safe that you keep your important things in, like your allowance or a special toy. You want to make sure that the safe is secure, so you might ask a friend to try and break into the safe to see if they can. Just like the fire drill helps people practice for a real emergency, a pen test helps make sure that the computer system or network is prepared to handle a real attack

  • Application Security Services are techniques that are used to help keep software applications safe from harm. Application security services are like a shield that helps protect the software from these attacks. They might include things like firewalls, which are like virtual walls that block unwanted traffic from entering the network, or antivirus software, which helps to detect and remove viruses and other malicious software. By using these services, we can help keep the software on our computers and other devices safe and secure

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