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Critical Thinking

We are bombarded daily with a huge amount of data, news, opinions and recommendations.

To avoid manipulation and logical errors, we need to learn how to carefully filter information. It is necessary to evaluate and analyze before accepting it as truth.

We are finding ourselves asking ChatGPT and its AI friends more often than searching Google ourselves these days. We are coming to fully trust their answers without realizing it.

This could be dangerous.

We cannot guarantee that AI models are unbiased, even though they are trained on massive amounts of data. Their algorithms or the information used to develop them could be wrong or outdated.

The skill of critical thinking is now becoming even more in demand than any hard skill.

Follow these simple rules:

  • Get clear understanding of message. If unsure, ask questions. Questions unlock understanding.
  • Don't just take things at face value. Look for proof, hard facts, expert opinions, statistics, and real examples to support what people say.
  • Consider other options. This will lead you to make more balanced and reasonable decisions.

As AI progresses, we must streamline our work. But we should not blindly hand over all accountability to AI.

Trust, but verify. Think critically.
Start now.

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