2048 game remake

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Me and my colleague/friend Rafaela Lucas(she's a UI designer) decided to make a remake of the game 2048 with Vue.js.
I did the logic and functionalities and Rafaela did the Design and css of the game.
Note: It's a progressive web app so you can install it on your smartphones.

Here is the game link:


If you like it and want to see more projects, check out our Portfolios:


Let us know what you think

Thank you,

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I found a bug too, I had two 8s at the bottom right corner and no matter how much I hit down, they wouldn't merge. Then I hit up and a 4 came out from beneath that 8. Then I wiggled a bit and I got a game over on this screen:
share.metalgearsonic.de/firefox_20... (I removed the game over box in inspector)

I guess if the source code wasn't obfuscated to hell I would be able to tell you what

TypeError: _0xa7b71b is undefined
7 app.18812406.js:1:34961
TypeError: _0x560f73 is undefined
2 app.18812406.js:1:30444
TypeError: _0xa7b71b is undefined

Would mean :)

EDIT: Video share.metalgearsonic.de/2019-10-17... ignore the background sound, please.. It's just music

EDIT2: It can be easily triggered by hitting two arrow keys at the same time.

I think we got a race condition or some other concurrency artifact here?

Were it open source, people could find the error together. ... It would be a good project to make open source.


Thank you for complete Detail of the bug.

The bug It's caused when you play faster than the slider animation, my animation has 75ms so if you play faster than that It will cause empty tiles looking that are filled.

The errors you got on console is just a variable that I'ts not been in use but It's there, I have to clean up, but the error on console don't interfere with the game


I just spent my last 1 hour playing it... its awesome 👍🏿


ok, i guess i found a bug but it's pretty nice


It's normal that the game has bugs, what game dont have bugs on first release? :)
What bug is it?

Thats awesome that you liked :)

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