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Calin Baenen
Calin Baenen

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Where could I find some C++ that could help me?/Code critique.

(Yes. C++ is my final destination programming language for RuntDeale. - It took forever, but I can say I really love C++, it's an amazing language.)

I'm just a(n almost) 15-year-old boy, so I don't really have money (I'm trying to get a job), and no one at my school really programs (the only class that I have some mates in is a "Beginner's JavaScript class" (which uses a specific dialect of JS).

So, is there anywhere I could find people who could help contribute to my game? It's open-source on GitHub: RuntDeale Repository.

Also, if you'd like to go there, and talk about how I've sorted my code, particularly if you disagree, or have suggestions, or if I'm doing something wrong, let my know!


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