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Meet a new Green Contributor badge!

Today, at GreenConf πŸ’š, we announced the new addition to our #azureheroes family: The Green Contributor 🌱

πŸ‘‰ Green developers contribute to the growth of the sustainable software engineering field. Recipients of this badge drive innovation by building sustainable software and help educate the community by creating content and resources related to sustainable software engineering.

To qualify, you must verify at least one of the impacts in any of the bullets below.

  • Creator or maintainer or core contributor to an open-source software project with a focus on sustainable software.
  • Created several pieces of content for blogs, webinars, podcasts, or talks related to sustainable software.
  • Created tutorials, how-to guides, or sample code related to the field of sustainable software engineering.

Green Contributor

πŸ’» Are you all about #sustainable software engineering? This is the right badge for you then! Nominate yourself or your colleague or friend!

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