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#ThisMonthInSWA - January 2023

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Check out our January roundup of This Month in SWA 🎉


We publish a roundup of Azure Static Web Apps product news, announcements and content updates on the last Wednesday of each month. Catch up on all the updates in one friendly post - and don't forget to contribute your updates for inclusion in the next issue!

Product News

This section covers recent news or announcements from the product team. Read on to learn the latest news from the world of Azure Static Web Apps!

  • Dec 14 | Generally available: Static Web Apps Diagnostics Azure Static Web Apps Diagnostics is an intelligent tool to help you troubleshoot your static web app directly from the Azure Portal. When issues arise, Static Web Apps diagnostics will help you diagnose what went wrong and will show you how to resolve the issues. Get Started with your Static Web App diagnositics.

Dev Resources

This section covers content, events and code samples from Microsoft authors. Check them out for relevant learning resources and best practices.

Community Buzz

This section highlights content from our amazing developer community - submitted directly, or published to the relevant tag in sites like Tech Community and

  • Dec 31 | - Deep linking with Azure Static Web Apps and Easy Auth by John Reilly Dig in on deep linking and authentication within Azure Static Web Apps. What each is, and how to implement together for your web app.
  • Jan 10 | - Implementing Authentication in Azure Static Web Apps by Anuraj Parameswaran In this two part series, explore creating and running an app on the Azure Static Web App free plan and standard plans, along with setting up authentication for your app.
  • Jan 21 | - Azure Static Web Apps for the Enterprise by Stacy Cashmore Azure Static Web Apps is enterprise ready, and Stacy shows you the steps from infrastructure to authentication on how you can utilize Static Web Apps for your organization.

Upcoming Events

This section highlights in-person or online events that are likely to feature Azure Static Web Apps content or developer conversations - links to CFPs or registration links are welcome!

Did You Know?

Each month, we hope to turn the spotlight on one key resource or person that is worth knowing about, in the context of Azure Static Web Apps.


Static Web Apps CLI is an all-in-one local development tool For Azure Static Web Apps. Using SWA CLI you can deploy your apps right from your local enviroment to the Azure cloud without a CI/CD workflow, and instead a simple CLI command.

From the SWA CLI you can login to Azure subscriptions, initialize an Azure Static Web Apps project, set build configurations, and deploy your app.

To get you started here is a list of SWA CLI resources:

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About the Editors

This roundup post is curated by the a small team of folks across Developer Relations and the Azure Static Web Apps teams. Have feedback on this roundup format, or what you want to see in future editions? Leave us a comment below!

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