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Pi day is coming to the Microsoft Reactor

3/14, or the 14th of March is Pi day (apologies to everyone outside the US who uses DD/MM date formats...)!

The best thing to celebrate Pi day with is, well, Pie.

An animated GIF from Twin Peaks of Special Agent Dale Cooper being given a slice of cherry pie

The second best thing to celebrate Pi day with is the Raspberry Pi, one of our favorite IoT devices.

Want some hands on with a Raspberry Pi and .NET? Check out our Construct Internet of Things devices using the .NET IoT Libraries learning path on Microsoft Learn

At the Microsoft Reactor we will be celebrating with a set of streams focusing on IoT built using a Raspberry Pi. Come join us using the Meetup or Huodongxing registration links below.

Date Time Session Registration Link
March 14th 11AM PT Let's setup a Raspberry Pi as an Azure IoT device (Part1) Meetup
March 14th 12PM PT Azure IoT Edge and Machine Learning 🧠 with Raspberry Pi and reTerminal (Part 2) Meetup
March 14th 3PM PT IoTea - Leaves and Logistics MeetUp
March 14th 3:30AM PT Raspberry Pi meets the Internet of Things Huodongxing

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Hi, will these sessions be recorded? I'm based outside of the US and working during those hours.

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Jim Bennett

Yup! Check out the Microsoft Reactor YouTube channel. All our livestreams are available there. for the ones that show as on Meetup, for the Huodongxing one (all our Chinese streams are on BiliBili.