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Microsoft Create:Serverless - Conversations with Community and Industry Experts!

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Join us for a half-day of conversations this 30 September 2020, at Microsoft Create: Serverless and connect with the experts and community members to discuss how you can run code for basically any application without having to manage servers.

New to Serverless Concepts and Technologies? Start here:

🎬 3 👏🏽 Calls 👏🏽 To 👏🏽 Action! 👏🏽

1. Code of Conduct

You are expected to adhere to the Create:Serverless code of conduct as well as's code of conduct Please do ♥️ this post if you agree

2. Keeping your kids engaged

We know you are going to love the event but we also want to keep your children entertained while you join us. Check out the post below for a digital and physical Kids Activity Pack.


3. Follow #MSCreate

Conversations may continue after this event. Follow #mscreate to keep learning and follow us on Twitter (

About #MSCreate

In July, we ran Create:Frontend a half-day of conversations between community and industry experts with a focus on front-end development - ending with an hands-on learning workshop. We were blown away at the level of interest and engagement we had from attendees. These conversations matter.

So we decided to do it again - this time, with a focus on Serverless!

The format is simple. A free, live-streamed virtual event, featuring community and industry speakers, engaged in conversations, on a wide-range of topics related to a core technology.

Want to keep track of these events and conversations? Follow the #mscreate tag above!

About Create:Serverless

The Create:Serverless event marks the end of our 30-day #ServerlessSeptember celebration of community and industry sourced content that shows practical examples of serverless usage today. You can catch up on the content series here:

The event itself happens on Sep 30 with an amazing lineup of speakers and topics. We have a simple agenda:

  • An opening keynote on the Serverless landscape.
  • A series of conversations between community & industry experts.
  • A hands-on coding workshop (using Azure Functions)
  • A networking "open mic" session to close out the event

Learn more about these sessions below!


We'll kick things off with a welcome from our intrepid MC, Cloud Advocate Simona Cotin. Get a sense of the agenda for the day, grab your cup of tea and settle in!

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Opening Keynote

Join Chris and Chris as they survey the Serverless landscape in 2020 and review the trends you should look out for this year!


We paired up community and industry experts on several conversations that cover a range of Serverless topics.

1. Unifying data with Hasura GraphQL Engine & Azure functions (with Allison Kunz and Burke Holland)

2. Serverless Security 101: Everything you need to know (with Guy Podjarny and Wassim Chegam)

3. Developing low-code Serverless Applications (with Linda Nichols and Dona Sarkar)

4. Observability in Serverless Applications. (with Ran Ribenzaft and Jennifer Davis)

5. Overcoming Serverless challenges with Durable Functions. (with Marc Duiker and Anthony Chu)

6. Boosting your Serverless APIs with API Management. (with Mike Budzynski and Jeff Hollan)

7. Serverless Best Practices. (with Jeff Hollan and Marie Hoeger)

Hands-on Workshop!

Refactor Node.js and Express APIs to Serverless APIs with Azure Functions

Learn the strategy you need to move an existing Express API app to Serverless. This is a beginner friendly workshop (Level 100-200) covering how you can get started with Azure functions using VS code and javascript, covering triggers, bindings, and deployment.

Closing Remarks

Join Simona and Jeff Hollan for the closing session as they recap the event and set the stage for what's next.

Including ...

Open Mic Sessions

Be part of a cosy and intimate networking session as we talk about everything from diversity & inclusion in the community to developer hacks and tools. Bookmark this page and check back for the details on the five fun sessions we have planned! Speakers include Lian Li, Ant Stanley and the following:

peterc image

jeremy_daly image

floord image

codepo8 image

We look forward to hosting you!

Join us for a half-day of conversations this 30 September 2020, at Microsoft Create: Serverless and connect with the experts and community members to discuss how you can run code for basically any application without having to manage servers.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Cloud and AI technologies? Don't forget to follow us on Azure!

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Hey friends,
My name is Jan (he/him). My Code of Conduct team colleagues @amcanillo , @kyaligonza , @raerlyon , @bnb , @lulucieva , @cynthiazanoni , @glaucia86 , @floord and I are here to take care of you all. We are the Code of Conduct Team for Create: Serverless.

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We’re here to help.
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