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The Cloud Skills Show: #CloudSkills Revisited

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The Cloud Skills Show is a weekly livestream, brought to you by the folks at Microsoft Developer UK. Each week, we'll feature guests from the UK and around the world to talk about the cloud skills that Developers and IT Professionals can use to develop their career (or to start a career in tech).

In this episode, we're revisiting some moments from Series 1 of the Cloud Skills show.

Today we're showing:

  • A Data Scientist's perspective on AI. Originally shown in Series 1, Episode 3. How is AI used in customer projects and how do we ensure we are using it ethically? - with Tempest van Schaik PhD. Interviewed by Amy Boyd.
  • Introduction to Security Fundamentals. Originally shown in Series 1, Episode 4 - what do technical professionals need to know about Cyber Security?. With David Okeyode (MVP). Interviewed by Dean Bryen.
  • What is Blazor? Originally shown in Series 1, Episode 5 - an introduction to the web framework for C# Developers. With Chris Sainty (MVP).

You can find all of the links and resources below. Follow the episode link to watch the original episodes in full.

Session Resources

Tempest van Schaik PhD - Data Scientist

Resource URL
Detect and mitigate unfairness in models with Azure Machine Learning
Fairlearn Ethical Framework Metrics Documentation
Fairlearn Ethical Framework website
MS Learn: Identify guiding principles for responsible AI
Recent AI for health projects from Microsoft CSE
Find out more about the CSE team
Responsible AI Azure Documentation

Original episode link:

David Okeyode (MVP) - Security Fundamentals

Resource URL
Introduction to Azure security -Microsoft Docs
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
Examine Microsoft Azure security, privacy, compliance, and trust - MS Learn
Azure Shared Security
Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Original episode link:

Chris Sainty (MVP) - Blazor

Resource URL
Awesome Blazor
Blazor University
Blazor Gitter
Blazor - Microsoft Docs
Blazor & WebAssembly - Microsoft Learn

Original episode link:

Every week we livestream on Microsoft's Learn TV and you'll also be able to find the show on Twitter @MSdevUK and on the Microsoft Developer UK YouTube account. Join us for this show at these times each Thursday:

Singapore Mumbai Berlin London NYC Seattle
9pm 6.30pm 3pm 2pm 9am 6am

If you require captioning, that’s available on Learn TV and YouTube via the controls below the video.

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