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Azure SQL for Beginners - Video Playlist

Azure SQL is a great database for developers as it provides a lot of features to build modern application. Beside the expected relational model support, it also come packed with support to

  • Column-store
  • Graph
  • Spatial
  • JSON

and much more! To quickly learn why Azure SQL is one of the best cloud database for developers, you can take a look at this article I wrote some months ago: 10 reasons to use Azure SQL in your next project

To help all the new developers get started with Azure SQL, my colleague Anna and Bob created a truly amazing, and above all very helpful, set of videos. Here's one that shows how to create an Azure SQL database in just 5 minutes:

And this is only one of the many - 61 to be precise - that have been made available recently, to help developers, new and veterans, to really learn almost everything around Azure SQL and and deployment and management options offer to you:

  • Geo Distribution
  • Security
  • High Availability
  • Monitoring

And much more. Here's the playlist:

Azure SQL for beginners

Enjoy! And stay tuned as during this summer we worked hard to create a lot of interesting content for developers...more to come very soon!

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