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My GitHub Sponsors Revenue @ 2022

This is a summary of GitHub Sponsors revenue earned in 2022.
GitHub Sponsors is primarily a mechanism to provide financial support for open source activities.

GitHub Sponsors can be individuals or organizations, and this section summarizes GitHub Sponsors for myself personally.
The GitHub Sponsors for myself (@azu) are listed on the following page.

Types of open source activities

The following are the types of open source activities that I am involved in.

None of these are related to my job, but are hobbies.

Because it is a hobby, I have almost no set quid pro quo for sponsors (I try to avoid any form of support for specific projects).
More details about the tier design of my GitHub Sponsors can be found in the following article.

Types of income

Most of my open source-related income is via GitHub Sponsors.
The @azu's GitHub Sponsors page offers both Monthly and One-Time support.
In my case, my support is based on Monthly support from GitHub Sponsors.

Amount of income

When you support us through GitHub Sponsors, you will be paid in US dollars, which will be converted to Japanese yen at the time of transfer.
Therefore, the actual amount received will be in Japanese Yen.

There are also two types of support options for GitHub Sponsors: Monthly and One-time.
The amounts listed here include both amounts.
The total amount of GitHub Sponsors received in 2022 is as follows

Year Total Amount (US $)
2022 $12,799

The monthly amounts of GitHub Sponsors received in 2022 are as follows

Date Amount (US $)
2022/01 $944.40
2022/02 $860.18
2022/03 $564.15
2022/04 $1,197.38
2022/05 $1,194.30
2022/06 $1,021.21
2022/07 $1,631.31
2022/08 $772.74
2022/09 $1,335.83
2022/10 $1,140.43
2022/11 $1,107.06
2022/12 $1,030.18

The reason why there is a wide range in the monthly amount is because the timing of the payment for those who support the project is divided into daily payments, so there seems to be a blurring of the amount in the timing of the transfer.
In addition, the months with One-Time support are added to the Monthly support.
The reason for the large increase only in July 2022 is that GitHub Maintainer Month received about $500 in One-Time support from GitHub, Inc.

Current ongoing sponsors

Since there is a blurring range when looking at the actual transfer timing amounts, to smooth it out, this graph summarizes information only for ongoing sponsors (CURRENT SPONSORS) as of December 2022.
This graph does not include past sponsors (past sponsors), so basically it does not include information on One-Time sponsors.
This graph is generated by the following tool.

The following graph shows the number of people who continue to support us with GitHub Sponsors.

GitHub Sponsors count

Number of GitHub Sponsors by month (Past sponsors are not included)

The following graph shows the estimated revenue per month (in US$) for GitHub Sponsors.

Monthly Estimated Income(Dollar)

Estimated income from GitHub Sponsors per month (in US$)

Starting around April 2022, estimated income at GitHub Sponsors has averaged over $1,000.


This is a summary of the income that will be earned by GitHub Sponsors in 2022.

The reason for publishing this article is to get people, both those who are active in open source and those who support open source, interested in financial support mechanisms such as GitHub Sponsors.

In my opinion, it is important to be able to choose financial support as a method of support.
Therefore, I see GitHub Sponsors and others as a type of open source support method.

There are now mechanisms such as GitHub Sponsors and Open Collective that allow individuals and organizations to support open source financially as well. Both supporters and recipients should consider taking advantage of these programs.

For more information on how to support using GitHub Sponsors, please see the following article.

For more information on setting up your profile and tier when accepting GitHub Sponsors, please see the following article.


Thanks to those who support us with GitHub Sponsors.

List of GitHub Sponsors

List of GitHub Sponsors generated using SponsorKit

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