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During the lockdown

ayoayomide profile image AyoAyomide ・2 min read

Well, this is my first time doing this so I apologize for any mistake. 2020 really take a toll on almost everybody but for developers, We always go again. So the goal is to share some of the resources and material that helped me during the lockdown

  • Promise in Js (webdev)
    I enjoy this explanation from Jake Archibald about promises in js, it was a bit stressful at first and it took a few days before I understand how promises work in js 👍🤓

  • Tiny Annoying js (webdev)
    You know those tiny little pieces of JS, that are just small and confusing to understand well the guy from web dev simplified makes them easy and fun to learn 😎😎 talking about Asynchronous, Synchronous Programming, Async Await etc

  • Tutorials point (Vue js)
    Reading documentation from the official source can cause serious headache sometimes. Especially if it the first time you are trying that language or framework out. Looking for a quick and simple overview of some framework or language? check out Tutorials point 👍🤓

  • Microsoft learn (Node)
    If you are new to node js Microsoft learn is a nice place to start before you move to other advance courses

  • UI/UX
    If your UI always looks boring or you think something is missing but you can't figure it out. It normal when you are new even for professionals sometimes. Check out Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger pdf about refactoring UI

  • blockchain
    If you are curious like me and wonder what blockchain is all about I found this awesome tutorial from Savee easy to understand for beginners new to blockchain

  • bitcoin
    Yeah, the digital gold currently is bitcoin especially with a massive boost in price. 2020 impact bitcoin positively I wonder what the fuzz is all about and how I could work with it so I found some of these materials
    # Bitcoin 101
    # Mastering bitcoin

  • Blender 3d
    3d design is an art, I find fascinating and cool. Even when most 3d software is not free, blender seems cool and save the day because it free and open-source.🤗🤗 if you want to give 3d a try check out Andrew Priceand Grant Abbitt tutorial

  • Unity
    If you are new to game dev and you don't know where to start Unity got all you need with an awesome tutorial from beginner to advance, I found out about Unity learn which I have actually fallen in love with 🤗🤗. You can try out summer of code

I just completed my portfolio site too you can check it out and see some of my work.
And that all, for now, hope to publish more post in 2021 🤗
Happy new year to everyone 🤗🤗😙😚🤩🥳😍

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