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Andrew (he/him)
Andrew (he/him)

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What are your must-have Android apps?

I bought myself a new phone over Black Friday and I'm struggling to fill it (256GB). What are your must-have games and apps for Android?

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Ryan Smith • Edited

My essentials:

  • PocketCasts - For podcasts, has good auto-download features.
  • YouTube Music - My primary music subscription service.
  • Habitory - Habit tracker. I had a very difficult time finding one that I liked but I am happy with this one.
  • LingoDeer - Foreign language learning app similar to DuoLingo.
  • Authy - Two-factor authentication app.
  • DEV Community - 😎
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DesirΓ© πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

Hello, Andrew!

I need a lot of organization and specially something so I can take notes of anything that comes up to my mind in my way home/work/school/bakery etc., so here's how my phone looks like...

☞ Spotify (everywhere I go, music follows)
☞ Twitter (always checking news and my friend's profiles ready to give them virtual hugs when they need'em)
☞ Pinterest (when my creative side needs inspiration always comes to the rescue)
☞ Todoist (I don't think I could live without this, I love how I organize my schedule there)
☞ Telegram (interesting groups&friends&STICKERS)
☞ WhatsApp (friends that still use WhatsApp instead of Telegram)

And still using the native Notes App of my phone for my sudden ideas&inspiration, but searching for a better notes app...

Good day!

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

I highly recommend Basecamp
for notes and todos and reminders etc...
but I recommend it if and only if you share like me their values from @DHH and friends of working in a way that is calm, productive and asynchronous first

They have recently Basecamp personal that is free for individuals/freelancers/...

this is what I've been using a lot in the last weeks, and I wonder why the hell I didn't try their products before

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DesirΓ© πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

Hello, Jean!

Thank you for your recommendation, I've been using Notion and I was really happy with it but I'll check Basecamp since it looks really interesting and may work better with my team πŸ™‚

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lizard_ohama • Edited
  • Markor - markdown viewer, write, manage todo list, quick note
  • Hacker keyboard good idea for combine with Markor
  • Task by google
  • wps - viewer pdf
  • Telegram
  • Syncthing Synchronization file
  • Pocket
  • Anki Flashcard
  • GeoGebra Calculator
  • Vlc
  • Materialistic Hacker News

Note: i'm write this comment with markor.. xd

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Resilio Sync - to sync my files across devices (i mostly use it to easily sync my huge media library)

Microsoft Todo - just a great to-do list which I use to manage all my life with

TV Time - To track my series and movies watch lists etc

Habit Loops - helps me build good habits

Spotify - for music and podcasts

Zero Fasting - Helps me track my fasts

All big social apps - Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram etc

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I try to keep my phone as simple as possible. Adding random apps to my phone just to fill up memory ends up with me adding a bunch of stuff I end up not using.

I now leverage my memory for 2 key things

  1. Music
  2. Movies

My "must haves" are like most other peoples must haves. I usually throw out a lot of the huge apps I never use, like Facebook. (yes I don't use Facebook) The rest of my phones memory goes to more music and movies for when I'm bored.

With 256, you can carry a lot of either, and take tons of pictures πŸ˜„

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Fulton Browne

nova launcher is a must, the amazon kindle app is great, a guilty pleasure of mine is Bitmoji, the DEV app is very useful, and of course my very early beta of an app

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard • Edited

First uninstalling or hiding Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other services designed like slot machines

  • signal, telegram, WhatsApp
  • Firefox+ad blocker+I don't care about cookies
  • indistractable launcher
  • Gboard
  • Trello, Basecamp or your favorite such app
  • Google translate, lyris training or whatever learning tools that helps you learn whatever you want to learn
  • FastHub
  • one of Spotify,YT Music...
  • a meditation app like Calm
  • whatever helps you stay active
  • whatever helps you commute
  • a password manager
  • a two factor authorization app
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Nans Dumortier

I just installes indistractable, it is really nice !

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Ben Sinclair

An authenticator app, doesn't matter which one.
A maps app.
An instant messenger app.
My banking app and one or two payment systems that work with NFC.
A password manager.
A game for when I get stuck in waiting rooms (I like Spelltower, personally)
Something for music, something for video.

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Emmy | Pixi

The Dev app, Twitter, Spotify, and I replaced the native texting app with Messages (which is only native on Pixel, AFAIK). There's also a cute game called Terrarium that I've been enjoying. You basically just care for house plants but it's so soothing.

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Paula Penedo (she/her)
  • Notion - their mobile app is a bit laggy, but since I moved all my notes from Evernote into Notion, I'll stick with it.

  • Pocket - to clear all my +25 tabs and turn them into +25 articles that I'll read during my 1h commute.

  • Spotify - No need to explain this one. The option to download a playlist will probably help you use the 256GB storage you have.

  • Stardew Valley - one of the best games ever! Really.

  • Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest because they are my gateway to procrastination.

And if you love taking pictures, Adobe Lightroom is a must for editing.

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Bruce Axtens

YouVersion, Strava, UpWords, Mousehunt, Musicolet.