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Humbly Asking for your Help

Hi DEV Community,

My sister, Bethany, saved a dog from being euthanised a little over a year ago (from a neglectful and uninformed owner) but found out recently that it has several medical issues which need attention immediately. Beth is still in college and can't afford such a huge expense, but her dog, Rosie, is really young and needs this surgery as soon as possible. I'll let Beth explain what Rosie means to her in her own words:

"I saved Rosie from living on the streets with the possibility of being euthanized a little under a year ago. She has had many previous owners who have gotten rid of her. She is absolutely the most lovable and friendly dog. Rosie is my rock, my ESA, and has helped me through harder times than I can even express. She has quite literally saved my life.

"Coming back from a very expensive vet visit today, we found out she has two torn ACLs, hip dysplasia, and early arthritis. The vet visit today is something I cannot afford and it was just getting x-rays done with medication. She will be on medicine for the rest of her life and will need surgery very soon. The only way I am able to get her the help she needs to function is by creating this donation page. Any help is greatly appreciated, even if it just sharing this. If you would like more information, or to help out in other ways, please feel free to contact me. Thank you."

Please, if you can donate even a few dollars, or a few Euro, or a few pounds, Beth and Rosie would really appreciate it. Sorry for asking like this on DEV, but she really needs all the help she can get.

GoFundMe: Surgery for Rosie

Thank you.

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