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FOSS Spotlight: 👻 Ghost

Ghost (code) is blogging software that rivals Wordpress in it's ease of use – businesses all over the world use Ghost free of charge and also via Ghost's hosted platform Ghost(Pro).

Ghost makes it easy to build blogs, newsletters, landing pages, portfolio pages and more. It's extremely flexible, well known and easy to use:

Ghost screenshot

Ghost provides an alternative to paid services like Substack. In fact, this newsletter itself runs on Ghost – it's great software.

Running Ghost

Ghost has an official docker image (note the "OG" /_/<container> URL!), and is really easy to run, as it defaults to SQLite which is a breeze.

If you want to get started really quickly:

docker run \
  -d \
  -p 3001:2368 \
  -v /path/to/ghost/blog:/var/lib/ghost/content \
  --name ghost \
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Make sure to get your content path (and docker volumes) straightened out before expecting that setup to stick around!

For large production sites you're probably going to want to use MySQL rather than SQLite, but for most sites SQLite will probably hold up well also!

This was originally posted on AWSM FOSS (the first edition!)

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