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Get into Cloud computing with no experience

I have been working in the IT industry for almost 14 yrs now, in multiple roles, across the world, and luckily all of this experience has been with Cloud Computing technologies. Over the years hundreds of people have asked me same question - how do I get into Cloud based roles?

A lot of folks want to get into Cloud Computing roles BUT companies want to see experience on your CV/resume. It is a dilemma for lot of folks.

If you don't get hired into Cloud Computing projects, you can't get experience and without experience companies won't hire you

So I thought I should talk about this in detail and help folks who want to make switch to Cloud Computing, because Cloud is the new normal now and it should have a place on your resume.

Watch this short YouTube video on how you can build your skills, your resume and your brand to apply for jobs.

I do provide subtitles, and chapters so feel free to watch content you like.

Let me know in the comments section, if you have any questions or any topics I should elaborate more about. I am happy to guide folks so we all are successful in our own lives! I hope these give you a fair idea of where to start and motivate you to take your first steps into a successful career!

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