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10 things you didn't know about Docker

You have heard of Docker, right? Maybe done a docker run …, yes? Here are 10 things about Docker you (likely) did not know …

1. Docker is French

To be precise, dotCloud, the original company creating it, had its origins in France. Three well-known names, connected with the original company, in that context are Solomon Hykes, Sebastien Pahl, and Jérôme Petazzoni should help driving this point home.

2. Docker: software or company?

Docker can be either seen as the software or the company.

3. What is OCI and how does it relate to Docker?

In June 2015 Docker (the company) established the Open Container Initiative and many of its specifications are based on or directly derived from the original Docker (software).

4. What is Moby and how does it relate to Docker?

To make the go-to-market and relationship with the software clearer Docker (the company) created Moby, explaining it with:

The components and tools in the Moby Project are initially the open source components that Docker and the community have built for the Docker Project. [...] Docker is committed to using Moby as the upstream for the Docker Product.

5. Docker and Go

Docker (both the software and the company) has contributed greatly to making Go (the programming language) mainstream.

6. Docker running on fruits?

You can use Docker on many different platforms, from Linux to macOS to Windows. My fav has got to be Docker on Raspberry Pi … since 2016, nonetheless(!)

7. Docker in the cloud

Not only can you run Docker on almost any desktop (yeah, I know, laptop) but also on pretty much any cloud. For example, here at AWS it's super easy launching Docker containers using Copilot.

8. Docker the company (part 2)

As of end of 2019, Docker really exists in two companies: Mirantis acquired Docker’s Enterprise business and team and Docker, Inc. focuses on developer tooling.

9. Docker has many ancestors

Starting in 1979 where the chroot system call was introduced to FreeBSD jails and Solaris zones in the 2000s, Docker continued the ops tradition and made it mainstream for devs. Learn more about the history in this nice K2 Cyber Security article.

10. Docker is a world-wide topic

Hundreds of Docker User Groups exist world-wide and the conferences (pre-Covid) were legend. I remember DockerCon 2015 in San Francisco and the excitement around the technology as if it was yesterday.

With that, thanks for stopping by and I'm wondering: what's your favorite thing about Docker that few people know? Care to share?

Cover image kudos to Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash.

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manish srivastava • Edited on

Nice article. Few things I know:

  1. Docker once inspired from lxc but later switched to their own libraries.
  2. Lxc is still daemon less but docker has own daemon.
  3. Docker newer version 20+ will be rootless.
  4. You can use docker hub for pulling and pushing images from other OCI members container technology like Podman.
  5. Docker hub new rule will not allow dead images for more than 6 months: free accounts.
mhausenblas profile image
Michael Hausenblas Author

Thanks! TIL about 20+ being rootless, that rocks! :)

manishfoodtechs profile image
manish srivastava