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What's New With AWS Security? | January Edition

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We're back with the third installment of the series where I walk you through the latest and greatest updates to AWS security services!

Feel free to check out the previous articles within this series to get yourself updated on what AWS has been up to in terms of security.


What's New With AWS Security Now?

If you thought December was a silent month for AWS security announcements, then you're not in for a treat cause January didn't see a lot of updates.

However, this being said I am excited for some of the updates that AWS has released since these are some features that I've been eagerly waiting for.

Let's check out the latest additions to the AWS security services.

Announcement Date: 03/01/2024

  1. Amazon Cognito identity pools enhances quota management in AWS Service Quotas

Announcement Date: 04/01/2024

  1. Introducing simplified WordPress setup on Amazon Lightsail

Announcement Date: 10/01/2024

  1. Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall now supports query type filtering

Announcement Date: 16/01/2024

  1. AWS Private CA now helps issue ISO/IEC mobile driver’s license certificates

Announcement Date: 18/01/2024

  1. AWS IAM Identity Center is now available in the Middle East (UAE) AWS Region

Announcement Date: 23/01/2024

  1. Amazon Inspector now supports CIS Benchmark assessments for operating systems in EC2 instances

Announcement Date: 24/01/2024

  1. AWS Payment Cryptography launches additional options for importing and exporting keys

Announcement Date: 25/01/2024

  1. AWS Private CA now supports revocation for Matter certificates
  2. Provisioned capacity for API limits now available in Amazon Cognito


Noteworthy Updates To Services

1. Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall

  • With this new release, the DNS firewall supports blocking based on the DNS query type
  • For example, you can now choose to block outbound queries to TXT records since this is a common approach used for DNS tunneling-based attacks

2. Amazon Inspector

  • CIS benchmarks are now supported on Amazon EC2 operating systems
  • This release allows you to benchmark your EC2s against the CIS benchmark without the need for additional third-party services


Wrapping Up

This is probably the shortest installment of the What's New with AWS Security series since there aren't a lot of noteworthy updates coming out in January.

I've highlighted some of the major service announcements and feature introductions that were noteworthy. There may have been some announcements that I didn't cover in this month's announcement, therefore feel free to mention what you think was important in the comment section.

Stay Tuned for the next edition of "What's New With AWS Security"!

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this useful.

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