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Playing with PartyRock, AWS's GenAI Playground

AWS just came out with a new Generative AI playground which makes it a breeze to experiment with its Bedrock service!

Why is it great that a GenAI playground exists? glad you asked! let me tell you a little story...

A couple of months ago I built a serverless assistant backed by chatGPT. The project itself took a couple days in the process I had to sign up for an OpenAI account so that I could get API access, give them my credit card so that they could charge me for tokens, and figure out how to use their Python library.

That was all to just send my initial system message to ChatGPT so that I could test "programming" ChatGPT to "only answer in rhyming couplets no matter what the user says." It worked and was really fun, but that is a pretty high bar for creating a simple chat bot.

Well, with AWS PartyRock I did basically the same thing in 60 seconds. All you need is a free Builder account (no credit card needed) and you can use the PartyRock playground to test out some of the different models Amazon Bedrock has on offer. You can even publish and share the things that you make with others! No infrastructure to manage and plenty of credits to get you going.

Building A PartyRock App

When I first got access to the tool I was super excited to start playing, but my 1st grader had just gotten back from school and needed some math homework help. I am pretty decent at math (and supremely confident in my ability to do 1st grade math) but the way math is taught today is a little different from the way it was taught to me. It feels like a different language and sometimes that can make me feel stupid.

The prompt to create the app

So I told the initial prompt that I wanted to have "new math" explained to me in "old math" terms so that I could help and communicate with my kid about their homework.

The created app

That was it. PartyRock took that prompt and built a simple interface that allowed me to ask questions about number lines and ten frames and put things into perspective for "old math" me.

Example output

Play with it if you want here, but better yet, make your own at If you don't have a Builder account you can just sign up with SSO from an account you probably already have and then you just.. play. No friction. Do it. Now!

(and yes, I built another little PartyRock app to make the banner image based on the post title that you can play with here because why not make the machines work for you?!)

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