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🎆Party Time: Your Security Supporters with PartyRock

PartyRock is announced on 16th November, as an Amazon BedRock Playground. You can build your generative AI-based applications without writing any code. It’s cool because people who don’t know writing code can also use generative AI with this.

For a limited time, we can use PartyRock in a free trial without the need to provide a credit card or sign up for an AWS account, so that we can begin learning fundamental skills without the worry of costs.

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As a security professional, I’ve decided to use PartyRock for my security interests. I’ve created 5 different applications, let’s see all of them!

🧠Secure Code Studio:
Writing codes based on security best practices is an important topic for your static code security. This app will generate secure code snippets and validate them against best practices. You need to add programming language and code details. After that application generates code and recommendations for you.

Secure Code Studio

Also, you have already code parts and if you’re not sure if your code is secure or not, you can check from my Secure Code Studio.

Secure Code Studio

🦸‍♀️Application Security Assistant:
We’re developing, maintaining, and using lots of different applications every day. For the application security side, we need to think of lots of details. This assistant allows you to discuss application security with an AI. Provide details in the input below, and the assistant will analyze and make recommendations. Provide details in the input below, and the assistant will analyze and make recommendations. If you want, you can chat and get details about your environment. For example, I asked for vulnerability management for my mobile applications and the assistant sent me the recommendations, and example tools that I can use.

Application Security Assistant

🏃‍♂️Cloud Security Coach:
In this application, you will meet your personal cloud security mentor! You can ask whatever you want related to cloud security for different cloud providers. I think it can be important in your daily work or certificate exams as a quick reminder.

Cloud Security Coach

👩🏻‍💼Cloud Security Interview Assistant:
Before your cloud security-related interviews, this cool interviewer helps you with all processes. You can chat with the AI according to the questions. Also, it may help you interview in English.

Cloud Security Interview Assistant

☄️IconGen: Security-themed Icon Generator for Blogs:
When I write a blog, I struggle to choose a unique icon according to my blog topics. This icon generator will help us create custom icons for our security blog posts and articles. Just enter some keywords below and it will generate a relevant icon image.

IconGen: Security-themed Icon Generator for Blogs<br>

Thanks for reading! Stay safe in the cloud! 🌩️

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