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Object Storage

Object Storage, a relatively new comer in the storage world when compared to Block and file storage, arose from the needed to find a better way to store safely data that are being generated at an unprecedented rate these days due to the limitation of the traditional File Storage.

Object Storage is an affordable way to store unstructured data, something that was hard to do with file Storage. Object Storage
offers storage at a relatively low cost and is designed to served areas like website hosting, web application. That is why it is widely adopted by all major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP as their primary storage.
Object Storage by design has no built-in limit, thus are is the preferred method of storing safely and affordably unstructured data like audio, video, emails and more.

Let’s go a little deeper

In an Object storage, data items that makes up the object along with its metadata are kept together in a single repository instead of being kept as files in folders or blocks, that allows the object to be easily located over a distributed system.

In Object Storage, Metadata are extremely important and can contain extremely detailed information regarding a particular object such as geolocation, camera type and more

_ Advantages of Object Storage _

As previously mentioned, Object storage allows unstructured data to be stored and managed with ease at any time.
Object Storage can be configured to replicate contents, therefore allowing deleted or damaged object to be restored.

With Object Storage, no need to overspend, you only pay for what you use, making it one of the most affordable storage options on the market, that is why it is widely adopted by the major public cloud providers.

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