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Let's celebrate PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground

Here comes a smart friend that helps you build Generative AI apps


An Amazon Bedrock Playground is a generative AI app development playground that enables interactive experimentation with prompt engineering in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

Good Eats Restaurant Recommendations

My First Generative AI app created using PartyRock

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Good Eats Restaurant Recommendations is an app that is created using PartyRock playground that will provide restaurant recommendations based on your preferences on location, cuisine, and meal

Here is the app link:

Features observed while building the first app

A code-free playground where An app can be created with just a few clicks

Yes, Its that simple. With a few clicks, we can create our desired app. No lengthy programs

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Featured apps built with PartyRock to start with

There are some simple AI-powered app ideas which can be used to build the apps

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Access to powerful foundation models from Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed solution that makes foundation models (FMs) from Amazon and prominent AI firms available on AWS. It is the simplest way to construct and scale generative AI applications using foundation models.

PartyRock Integrates with Amazon Bedrock and can provide widgets that can be used to generate AI-powered images, text, and chatbots.

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Remix existing apps to create new ones with a unique flavor

You can Remix the existing apps to create your own copy of them and customize them to bring a different flavor

Sharing the app - made simple

With PartyRock, you can easily share apps and content you develop. You can even use the snapshot option to preserve your inputs and outputs while sharing the app link

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Build your favorite AI-powered apps using PartyRock Play Ground


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