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Learning path to become AWS Cloud Engineer

Hello Cloud Learners,

This is my first post after becoming AWS Community builder and thanks to the Jason team for considering me for this time.

Stay focused and you can achieve anything in this world !! Keep trying !!

You may be thinking that if you are learning AWS(by watching many videos) and hold few certifications really will help you get job in Cloud.

Why not, I was also in the same mindset. My journey on upskilling started few years back with so many of the technologies. (No proper guidance)

Quiet nature, if anybody telling that this technology/application has good opportunities then immediately start and end up with nothing (due to unable to manage work life balance). It happened to me as well.

Now I will be sharing few suggestions to get a job in cloud and if you follow the same, good luck is with you.

Recent times, I have connected with many AWS experts and following them because to gain more and more knowledge about AWS. So here is one of the 6Month strategy to get AWS cloud job. (Be it any current role fresher or 15+ years exp doesn't matter)

Let's start our AWS journey now.

Month 1
Start watching Skill builder essentials training and plan for AWS Cloud practitioner certification in 4 weeks
Main point I'm going to highlight here itself, don't follow many resource for your learning and definitely it will end up in nothing.
Click here for more details

Month 2
Now you becomes Cloud baby after getting your cloud practitioner certification. It's time to do hands on with AWS (Make sure no surprises on your own account AWS billing)
Since you are a beginner start with 100 and 200 level hands on labs and click here for more details

Month 3
Wow, you have certification and done so much of hands on (Hope no surprise billing on your AWS account - I have one tip for you to save your AWS cost and it will be on the end of this post)
Now it's your turn to decide whether to become a Developer, System admin or Architect. So decide first and then start preparing for it.
I have super duper AWS study resource to make a good start on this step. Yes it's going to be Adrian Cantrill course (I feel best of best AWS course - Look out for any bundle course and I have with me Architect bundle)
By end of this Month3, you would be holding any of one Associate (or 3 of them also it's too good)
AWS Solution Architect Associate / AWS SysOps Associate / AWS Developer Associate
Kindly check official AWS pages for any changes
Congratulations, you becomes a AWS certified associate now.

Month 4
Now you will feel most of the AWS services and having good understanding with so much of hands on. Usually how you can say I'm expert on something, only going deep dive will make you a Champ.
Yes, now it's time to deep dive on any of your expertise (Solution Architect, Networking, Security, DevOps, AI/ML many more)
Now start exploring 400 level hands on labs from here

Month 5
After your so much of credit card usage in AWS, now you will realize that it's really worth spending on your learning. (Only happy if the usage was in 2 digits - Watch out end of this post for one cost saving tip)
Now, you start preparing any of your advanced/specialty level certification (Networking / Security / SAP / DevOps / Big data)
My personal feel is any advanced or pro certification required more time and preparation so only appear for exam if you get score above 90% in any of the most valuable practice test (Tutorials DOJO etc.,.,)

Month 6
Now it's time for preparing for Cloud job interviews.
Understand AWS Leadership Principles

Wow, superb you may feel that you have done your part very well. Now how do you take it up forward ? Do you think that after this month plan you want to try to get job I say decently NOOOOO.
Start your building network over LinkedIn, this is the place you can connect to many of the AWS community builders, Heros, experts, employees etc.,,

Start posting your learning progress regularly to get views by people, it's kind of marketing of your skills. Connect with more AWS working people, partners, trainers etc.,

I like this word and it changed my mindset lot. (KNOWING VS DOING)

*KNOWING *- You watch n number of videos but if you are not doing you may forgot
*DOING *- If you do more hands on, you never forgot

Just imagine with some real time example and try this approach, definitely you will see the results.

Ok, we are end of this post and you still looking for some tip.

Rather you use more services on your AWS account (just know how to create account and use services) and see surprised bills, use Cloud guru or Cloud academy on yearly subscription it's going to be super saver for you.

All the very best Cloud babies and you can reach me on LinkedIn if you need any assistance.

Check my personal AWS Blogsite here.

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