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How to Build Reputation of Email Hosted on Amazon Workmail

On the previous post, we already and successfully hosted our emails on Amazon Workmail. We also tested to send/receive email within the same domain and it works well, no problem so far. Then now, let's see how is it going outside! Because a company doesn't only communicate between department (internal) but also with external like the business partners for example. Then, because this is just a practice and I don't have company to working with (other domains). So I'll show you how our email goes to famous email providers, I mean it's like commonly everyone has account at least on one of those providers.

By the way, I'm sorry if you will see lots of images on this post since nothing to do with the configurations through AWS CLI :)

To check how it works, we will send email to Google Mail, Yahoo and Microsoft from two different domains. One from Workmail alias and one external domain


  • First Email Results: Email from is delivered to Inbox and email from is marked as SPAM.

Workmail GMAIL 1

Workmail GMAIL 2

Workmail GMAIL 3

Workmail GMAIL 4

  • Second Email Results: Both are delivered to Inbox.

Workmail GMAIL 5


  • First Email Results: Both are delivered to Inbox.

Workmail YAHOO 1

Workmail YAHOO 2

  • Second Email Results: Both are delivered to Inbox as the first email.


  • First Email Results: Both are delivered to Junk.

Workmail OUTLOOK 1

Workmail OUTLOOK 2

  • Second Email Results: Both are still delivered to Junk as the first email.


As we can see above any emails are not delivered to Inbox on the first try, even the second one as well. Don't worry! It usually happens to a new email domain although all authentications (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) checks are passed. To prevent of being domain with "bad" reputation, we can do the following actions:

  1. Ask the receiver to "Mark as not SPAM" for your email that went to JUNK.
  2. Keep your privacy as secure as you can, it means to not to use weak password, click unknown link, and many more to prevent of being used to sending spam, phising, or other kinds of issues.
  3. If you are sure with all securities and since the emails passed the authentication checks. Ask your partners to whitelist your emails or domain or even the IP address.
  4. Don't send bulk emails at one time!

After we did all above, let's check our email one more time!

Workmail GMAIL

Workmail YAHOO

Workmail OUTLOOK

Third emails are all successfully delivered to Inbox.

Additional Thing

To check how our domain reputation is, we can use some online tools. I'll show you one of them which is MXToolbox. It helps us to know is our domain listed somewhere.



There are some DNS Blocklist which can be a reason for your email to be marked as Spam or even failed to deliver based on our domain or even IP address reputation. The ones which have the big impacts are SORBS and Barracuda. So make sure your domain is not listed anywhere for smooth email transactions. If already listed, try to delisting or request removal and start to build a good reputation!

By the way, your feedback is very welcome. So feel free to comment if you have different perspectives or other things to do regarding to this topic. I'll appreciate that, so we can learn together.

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