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Full-Stack nightmare resolved with Amplify

Hello everyone! My name is Mailing Delgado and I want to share one of my challenging experience as a Full-Stack Developer. I personally love mostly the Front-End and usually this is what consumes me the most. I love to design my page play around with color, typography, etc. First I start creating my design in Figma and then after a few weeks of designing and planning I start to code. By the time that I try to bring my design to life it takes forever. And then preparing my Back-end consumes me even more when I start creating my UML Database Design and I start creating my relationships between tables and I feel that it will never end. Using multiple tools and having 1,000 of windows opened in my browser and programs. It gets supper overwhelming.

Fortunately this nightmare ended by having my All-in-1 tool that thanks to the AWS Community Builders I discovered when I participated in the Amplify Hackathon. This amazing tool has everything you need to develop your Full-Stack app.
AWS Amplify Studio is a visual development tool which has the following features:

  • Hosting: CI/CD using AWS CloudFormation

  • Backend:

    • Authentication: Amazon Cognito
    • Data model: that uses AWS AppSync and GraphQL API to access the data which is stored in Amazon Dynamo DB.
    • Storage: Amazon S3
  • Frontend: bring your design to life by connecting Figma with Amplify just cloning the template and editing the components as you want.

  • Connect your Frontend with the backend by running a command in the terminal and... Boom! Here you got an app developed fast and easy.

If you are a beginner and don't know where to start don't worry here is the link for the step by step tutorials and the amazing documentation that will get you set!
AWS Amplify Docs

In conclusion, building a Full-stack app can be a daunting task, but thanks to AWS Amplify, the process has become a lot easier. As a developer, it's important to deliver quality projects in a shorter timeline. This was my challenge, but AWS Amplify made it possible for me to create my app without worrying about the complexities of infrastructure and backend development. What I appreciated most about AWS Amplify was the smooth integration with my existing workflow, and the clear documentation that made it easy to get started. With a plethora of services such as authentication, APIs, storage, and hosting, AWS Amplify provided me with all the tools I needed to build a complete app. If you're a developer looking for a way to enhance your productivity and create efficient full-stack applications, I highly recommend giving AWS Amplify a try!

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