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Best practices for AWS Personal accounts

Hello All,

Here is an quick tips for those starting their hands on with their personal account.

Unless you start practicing on AWS account you will not be getting familiarized about AWS services.

First start with AWS Free tier and also check for some of the services always free(AWS Lambda 1,000,000 free requests per month)

Just go through the below and follow these best practices.

  • First created account called is as root user and create new admin account and limit root user access to your resources (Root user is not recommended for using AWS services)
  • Created admin user should have the Full Administrator & billing module access
  • Enable MFA on root / Admin / normal accounts for added security
  • Create customized password rotation policy
  • Create separate IAM user by assigning billing role access
  • Create Budgets to not fall into see surprised billings (Set an alert if the budget reached USD 10 then email notification)
  • Opt for monthly email statement to receive on your email (Under Billing preferences  Enable on Receive PDF Invoice by Email
  • Keep always have a look on cost explorer (At least weekly once) just to monitor your spending's
  • Cost explorer is the good option to view your usage based on many filer conditions (Usage, Region, service based etc.,)
  • Audit created IAM users and their policies frequently

You can reach me on LinkedIn if you need any assistance.

Check my personal AWS Blogsite here

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