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AWS Training resources & certification updates

Cloud computing leader Amazon Web services(AWS) keep on update their learning content to make more people to explore more on AWS.

Here are the latest updates for learning and certification.

The Solutions Architect Learning Plan is designed to help cloud architects and solutions architects design solutions on AWS using best practices, exposing you to architecting concepts relevant to AWS, including self-paced labs to build your skills of duration 62h 48m. Upon completion of the online assessment in this learning plan, you can earn a new Architecting Digital Badge. This Learning Plan can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification exams. For a limited time, the first 1,000 learners who pass the assessment can earn a 50% discounted certification voucher for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification exam.

This is available to access through their AWS Skill builder with your free subscription.

Join the Get AWS Certified: Professional Challenge

Cloud technology evolves fast, and your cloud skills need to evolve to keep up. With AWS Certification, you can validate your skills and expertise to design secure, modernized applications and to automate manual processes on AWS.

Prepare for your certification exam with new advanced training including live and on-demand Twitch sessions with AWS experts. Join the Get AWS Certified: Professional Challenge before April 28th to receive a 50% discount voucher towards your final Professional-level certification exam.

Register now and get ready to show what you know!

*AWS launches cloud game development digital learning badge

AWS Training and Certification is offering the first AWS Digital Learning Badge for Cloud Game Development via a flexible Cloud Game Development Learning Plan through AWS’s online learning center, AWS Skill Builder.

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AWS Certification updates:

  • Registration is now open for two updated AWS Certification exams: AWS Certified Developer – Associate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exams. These updates reflect changes in trends, industry landscape, and work practices of cloud professionals.

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate. The last date to take the current exam is February 27, 2023, and the first date to take the new exam is February 28, 2023

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional. The last date to take the current exam is March 6, 2023, and the first date to take the new exam is March 7, 2023

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