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AWS Startup Day 2023 in Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Day of Learning and Innovation

On October 5, 2023, at Daffodil Plaza, 4/2 Sobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh, a momentous event took place—the first-ever AWS Startup Day. This event brought together cloud enthusiasts, startup founders, and tech aficionados eager to explore the boundless opportunities that AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers.

The day was packed with knowledge-sharing sessions, hands-on AWS DevOps, ML/AI workshops, and deep dives into security practices.

One of the standout features of AWS Startup Day was the comprehensive workshop on AWS DevOps, which provided attendees with practical skills and knowledge to efficiently deploy, manage, and scale applications on the AWS platform. The ML/AI workshop delved into the fascinating world of machine learning and artificial intelligence, showing participants how AWS can be leveraged to build intelligent applications.

In addition to technical sessions, the event also focused on the business side of startups. Entrepreneurs learned how to navigate the intricate path of starting a new venture and scaling it to reach new heights.

The highlight of the day was the announcement of AWS credits awarded to three outstanding startups. These credits, $10,000 AWS Activate Credits for Qualified Startup, will enable these startups to host their solutions on AWS and utilize AWS services to tackle complex problems.

The AWS Startup Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh, marked a pivotal moment in the region's tech landscape. It brought together a community of like-minded individuals passionate about technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As the day concluded, attendees left with not only newfound knowledge but also a renewed sense of enthusiasm to harness the power of AWS and embark on their startup journeys.

I am Really enjoy to help the participants in the workshop sessions to archive their goal.


Some Glimpses of the Session.

AWS Startup Day Pic

AWS Startup Day Pic

AWS Startup Day Pic

AWS Startup Day Pic

AWS Startup Day Pic

AWS Startup Day Pic

Closing Ceremony

and Lovely Food
AWS Startup Day Pic Food

List of Workshops

  1. UI/UX/Story - Designing your Startup with FIGMA
  2. App Build - Build your application utilizing Amplify (Presentation and Hands-on Workshop) Link:
  3. GenAI - Integrate GenAI into your Startup (Presentation and Hands on Workshop) Link:
  4. Integrate AI/ML into your application (Presentation and Hand on Workshop)

  5. Scaling your application with DevSecOps (Presentation and Hands on Workshop)

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Usman Khalil

Amazing. Congratulations from Pakistan

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Mim Ahmed

Thanks @monfernape

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Anup Kumar Chakrabarty

Good initiative with action .Thanks again for sharing

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Mim Ahmed

Welcome Bhaiya