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Elevate Your Experience: Amazon Q, the Next-Gen AI Assistant by AWS at re:Invent 2023 ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ”ฎ

re:Invent 2023

Recently AWS re:Invent 2023 Was Happened. There are lots of amazing new lunches. But I think I want to share my experience is Amazon Q.

Amazon Q

Amazon Q

Image Source: AWS

Amazon Q, a new generative AI-powered assistant intended for work, at AWS re:Invent in one of the biggest announcements to date.

What's the Features

  • Filtering using metadata โ€“ Use document attributes to customize and control the end user chat experience. Currently supported only if you use the Amazon Q API.

  • Source attribution with citations โ€“ Verify responses using Amazon Q source attributions.

  • Upload files and chat โ€“ Let end users upload files directly into chat and use uploaded file data to perform web experience tasks.

  • Quick prompts โ€“ Feature sample prompts to inform end users of the capabilities of their Amazon Q web experience.

Users may converse, find solutions to issues, create content, and obtain insight using Amazon Q. Using basic natural language cues, Amazon Q assists business users in completing tasks.

AWS said Amazon Q was trained on 17 yearsโ€™ worth of AWS knowledge and can be used to ask questions specific to AWS use. It can suggest the best AWS services for a project.

Areas of expertise

Your business

Amazon Q can be tailored to your business by connecting it to company data, information, and systems, made simple with more than 40 built-in connectors.


Amazon Q is an expert on patterns in the AWS Well-Architected Framework, best practices, documentation, and solution implementations, making it easier and faster for you to explore new services and capabilities, learn unfamiliar technologies, and architect solutions.

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a unified business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud that offers interactive dashboards, paginated reports, and embedded analytics, plus natural language querying capabilities.

Amazon Connect

In Amazon Connect, our contact center service, Amazon Q helps your customer service agents provide better customer service.

AWS Supply Chain

Using Amazon Q in Supply Chain (coming soon), inventory managers, supply and demand planners, and others will be able to ask and get intelligent answers about what is happening in their supply chain.

Know More:

How Amazon Q works

With Amazon Q, you can build an interactive chat application for your organizationโ€™s end users, using a combination of your enterprise data and large language model knowledge, or enterprise data only. The following sections outline how Amazon Q works.


Step 1: Go to your AWS Console and on the right side click on the Q Icon.

AWS Console

Step 2: Let's Learn S3 First๐Ÿ™‚
Q1: Ask Q "How to Turn on S3 Versioning"

S3 Question to Q

Here Q Shows me some suggestion.

Q2: How to reduce my EC2 latency issue?

Here Q guide me how to troubleshoot my latency issue.

EC2 latency issue

Q3: Learning about other AWS products

AWS Products

Amazon Q Pricing

Amazon Q Pricing

During Writing this blog there are 2 Pricing model please check the official Amazon Q Page for latest price.


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