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Amazon Personalize


Ever wondered while scrolling a shopping site you came across most of the ads and products you searched or purchased recently, that’s called personalization.

When you are using a social media application you can see most of the posts which are shown in your feed are related to the contents you interacted, liked and commented, after sometime when your interaction changes your feed contents will also got changed, behind the scenes Personalization is happening.

Amazon Personalize

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Amazon Personalize makes the developers to create personalized applications with the power of Machine Learning, Amazon Personalize will help us to built applications which is providing personalized product recommendations to the end users and customized direct marketing.

Amazon Personalize will fine-tune and adopt automatically when the end-users usage differs and varies time to time, Meanwhile the developers have the access to deploy custom ML models to deliver customized recommendations across various industries.

As, Amazon Personalize doesn’t need any ML experience to work on, anyone who knows the basics of AWS can easily make their applications or websites tailormade for all the end users.


Real-time recommendations The ML models which is powering for two decades is used in Amazon Personalize which makes tailored recommendations by responding the changing intent of the users in real-time.
New user and New item recommendations Amazon Personalize helps the new users to find the correct recommendations and makes the new products easily seen by all the end users.
Similar Item recommendations Improve the discoverability of all your products by showing the similar items to all the users.
Automated ML You don’t need any ML experience to work on Amazon Personalize, once you provide the data on Amazon S3 or other real-time integration, Amazon Personalize can automatically load and inspect the data, let you select the right algorithms, train a model, provide accurate metrics and generate personalized recommendations.

Adding Personalization to your application

  • Login into AWS console and search for Amazon Personalize

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  • Click and get started and name your dataset group
  • Choose the domain for your application or website

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  • Name your dataset

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  • Choose the data source and give it a name
  • Give the data location pathway and click finish

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  • After importing the data and give your business rules Amazon Personalize will do it’s job.

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