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Amazon Block Storage Quick Scan

EBS, the block storage type offered by amazon is made of 2 storage types: Persistent storage for data that need to be kept for a long period of time and instance storage for storing temporary data. Here I will be giving you guys a quick overview of EBS. For more details on EBS, check my other blog post here.

Instance storage:

Instance storage is a block level storage offered by Amazon. They are also knowns as Instance store or EC2 Instance Store. An Instance storage are directly attached to the instance and therefore are terminated when the instance is terminated. They are the preferred choice for storing the following types of information:
• Information that frequently change
• Information that are easy to replicate
Instance store are also good for app that require extremely low latency. Since the instance store is directly attached to the instance, the latency is almost negligible.

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## EBS Storage

EBS or Elastic Block Store are Amazon version of block store and are know to scale to support virtually any workload no mater the volume size.
EBS are the preferred choice for persistent data. They are not directly attached to their host instance therefore are not terminated when the instance is terminated.
EBS volumes can also be detached from one instance and attached to another instance giving the fact that there are both in the same AZ. EBS instance are usually attached to one instance but they can be attached to multiple instances via a feature called multi-Attach.

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