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All you need to know about AWS Cloud Club

Hi, My name is Tejas Gupta (AWS Community Builder), and in this blog I will be sharing everything about AWS Cloud Clubs.

What are Cloud Clubs?

It is a student-led User group from ages 18 to 28 where students can engage in, network, learn, and share their knowledge with their peers. There are already User Groups in big cities, but this program will be dedicated to only students.
This program is launched by the AWS Academic Advocacy (Developer Relations) Team.

Let's meet the team.

  • Jen Looper, Head of Academic Advocacy
  • Tracy Wang, Community Manager
  • Nayoung Won, Program Manager
  • Mustafa Saifee, Student Advocate, India
  • Stephen Howell, Student Advocate, Ireland

How to start a Cloud Club?

As it is a student-driven program, it will be at a college or university level. Every club needs a captain who can handle the club and help peers learn. The captain will be provided with all the necessary amenities that will be required to run the club.

How to become a Cloud Club Captain?

The application process for becoming a captain has already started on February 6, 2023. You can apply from here: -
There will be certain things that are required in a captain:

  • Enrolled in a college, university, or self-study.
  • Aged between 18-28
  • Must be located and studying in one of the following countries: Australia, Bangladesh, France, India, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States.
  • Interested in creating peer-to-peer learning experiences for the local student community.
  • Curious of skilling up in AWS Technology

Note: It is highly advised to fill out applications on your own and not use any AI-generated tools, as your application might get rejected.

Roadmap for Cloud Club

Roadmap of Cloud Clubs

How AWS will be helping you?

  • Student Symposia: A Day of Skilling
  • Bespoke workshops via the Learner's Library
  • Career coaching (mock interviews, resume reviews)
  • Dedicated Slack room for Captains
  • Regular all-hands
  • Special training opportunities if you are interested
  • Cloud Club Camps opportunities
  • Cross-Club Collabs


  1. Can a working professional start a Cloud Club or become a captain?
    -> You cannot officially be a captain for any Cloud Club, although, with your experience, you can be a great helping hand to the captains who are managing the clubs.

  2. Will the Cloud Clubs be based on city, state, or something else?
    -> There are no restrictions as of now on becoming a captain or forming a club. As long as there are good captains, there will be clubs in any part of the country.

  3. Is past experience hosting an event really necessary for becoming a cloud captain?
    -> You can definitely apply to be a cloud captain if you don't have any hosting experience. Perhaps you have attended an event as an attendee and gained experience with how events are run. You can also share your ideas for hosting an event.

  4. I am new to AWS. Can I apply to become a captain?
    -> Yes, you can apply if you are new to AWS but have a keen interest in learning and sharing it with others.

  5. Can there be two captains from a single college?
    -> As of now, there will be only 1 captain from a college.

  6. What are the benefits that I will get if I am selected as a Captain?
    -> Please check the road map above in this blog.

  7. What will be the tenure of the captains?
    -> The captain program is designed to be there for 12 months. It can also be extended based on performance.

  8. AWS Cloud Club is not launched in my country; what should I do?
    -> If you are from a country where cloud clubs are not yet launched, you can fill out the interest form and based on the response, the program can be launched in your country in the next iteration.

  9. What is the last date for applying for Cloud Clubs?
    -> The application deadline is February 19, 2023.

  10. When can we expect the results of the application?
    -> There is no set date for the announcement of results; it will entirely depend on the number of applications received.

  11. I am a first and second year college student; should I apply for the program?
    -> You should definitely apply and show your interest to the program managers.

  12. I am in my 4th year; should I apply for the program?
    -> Your application is critical because you will be an ideal candidate with extensive experience and knowledge both inside and outside of your university.

  13. What if my application is not selected as a cloud captain?
    -> It is strongly advised to apply again in the next cohort, as applications will be plentiful.

Thank you for reading. Reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any queries!

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Danny Acton

The AWS Cloud Club is a platform designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the leading cloud computing services available today. It aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize AWS for various purposes, including hosting websites, managing databases, deploying applications, and more. here are a couple of suggestions to get you started andThrough a combination of tutorials, workshops, and resources, the AWS Cloud Club covers topics such as cloud architecture, serverless computing, networking, security, and data analytics within the AWS ecosystem. Whether you're a beginner exploring cloud technology or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your AWS expertise, the AWS Cloud Club offers valuable insights and practical insights into navigating the world of cloud computing.

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Tracy Wang

Thank you for the post :-)