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8 Open-Source Data Analysis Projects for Your Resume (2023)

What is the 21st century's fuel?

Data!! As more and more people around the world get used to online systems, tech companies and other organizations are trying to digitize everything that used to be done by hand. All of that adds even more data.

Did you Know?

In the last 20 years, the use of the internet has increased data almost as much as it did in the 100 years before that. Tech companies and other groups are working hard to figure out how to use all of this data.

This makes the area of data explode, and people want to hire experts in this niche.

There are currently more than 60+ niches in the field of data, and each one is different in its own way.


📌 Now let’s come back to our main topic. 📌

After interviewing around in the past years, something has become very clear, you need more than just a simple Resume to land your first job.

As a beginner what you need is experience obviously, but to make yourself worthwhile** you have to work on Projects to make your GitHub profile and portfolio shine for recruiters**.

The more the projects on your portofolio the better. What would make you outshine all others in an interview are the variety of projects you have worked on.

Here I am going to share 8 Free Projects which will help you shine & fulfill your gaps.

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📌 Let’s get started then! 🚀🚀


1. Using Python to analyze finances and budgets

Most of the jobs that are open in the Finance market are for Data Analysts.

As there are whole teams to handle a different level of data. I hope that this first project gave you a good idea and a good look at how work is done in big enterprises/companies.

Click Here to check the source code.🚀🚀


2. Using Python to analyze the mood on Twitter about the Ukraine-Russia war

Recruiters will see that you are interested in current events from this project.

In this project, you will learn about Data Visualization & Analysis, a machine learning (ML) model that sorts tweets into positive, negative, or neutral categories based on how they make you feel. You can show that by putting this project on your resume.

You can use large complex datasets and tools for analyzing data.

Click Here to check the source code. 🚀🚀


3. How to Read WhatsApp Chats with Python

This project shows possible employers your technical skills, your ability to think critically, and your ability to talk to people.

You can learn more from this project than you might think. It mostly depends on what the Analyst wants to learn from analyzing the information. With this project, you can use several NLP jobs and figure out what the data means.

Click Here to check the source code. 🚀🚀


4. Analysis of the effects of Covid-19 using Python

This project shows how well you can work with current and useful info.

The Covid-Corona virus has caused problems all over the world, and some countries are still working hard to keep it under control. For this project, we will use a data set from Kaggle. This project can be a great thing to put on your resume.

As it shows off your technical skills and shows that you can work with facts from the real world.

Click Here to check the source code.🚀🚀


5. Using Python to analyze data from a smartwatch

The info for this project came from the company Fitbit.

It's a company that makes smartwatches and helps people improve their health and exercise. This covers things like blood pressure, sugar, etc. Using Python tools like Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, and so on.

You'll find meaning in the data, which will help you answer project questions.

📌"Click Here to get started on your project."📌


6. Using machine learning to predict waiter tips

Don't get Machine Learning and the name of the project mixed up.

The study of Waiter Tips requires a little bit of extra maths, that's all. It's a project for a data analyst, whose job is to figure out which days waiters get more tips and which days they get less. This project shows employers that you can think outside the box.

Since it has to do with the food service business, it's a good thing to put on a resume when applying for jobs in this field.

Click Here to check the source code.🚀🚀


7. Analysis of Instagram Reach with Python

Knowing how to analyze social media data is useful in a lot of different fields.

People use it for advertising, making connections, and a lot of other things. This project shows possible employers how good you are at Python programming, data analysis, and data visualization.

Click Here to check the source code.🚀🚀


8. TikTok USES Python for Sentiment Analysis

TikTok is the most used app for short videos in the world.

Most of the time, people use this app to have fun. This job is a step up for your resume. You can get better at solving problems and learn more about NLP and sentiment analysis methods.

Which are very important in the job market today.

Click Here to check the source code.🚀🚀


That's it for today. 👏

Thanks so much for reading to the end! 👋

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