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re: This was my first and last attempt at building something with Go. What made you drop Go?

I didn't mean that I don't want to use Go ever again, but I see now that it was an unfortunate choice of words. I just meant that I haven't gotten around with making another project with Go yet. Mostly because my latest projects have been web apps with simple backends written in node, because if you're doing web anyway, using node is very easy, and I've also been learning Elm along the way.

But I do want to use Go again in the future. I haven't decided yet if I like the language, I don't think I have used it enough for that. It has an interesting design philosophy anyway, and you can do a certain degree of functional programming with it.


I understand. Sorry for my misunderstanding. :-)

Go is surely interesting, but I also lack projects which have no more obvious language to choose. So many choices, so little time...

I understand. Sorry for my misunderstanding. :-)

I'm sure it's not only you who misunderstood, thanks for asking :)

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