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"Biography is irrelevant" - Seven of nine (probably) if she was asked that question.
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Following Isaac and K, I've decided to post some of my old projects on GitHub.

Task List

This is a project that I actually completed. It is a simple todo list and the goal was to experiment with progressive web apps. It works entirely offline (it doesn't even have a backend) and it uses a service worker and IndexedDB to store source files and data.


The idea behind Restventures was to build a classic text adventure game but instead of text commands, the player would interact with the game through REST endpoints. It never took off, but I still think that the concept is cool. I might continue it some day.


This was my first and last attempt at building something with Go. It is a discord bot and the plan was to implement several text commands that would do cool things. The only command I ever got around implementing was uptime, which writes how long the bot has been up. Even though I didn't get very far, I learned how to build and deploy a Go server.

Strawberry Alarm

This is another completed project. It is a game that I submitted to Game Dev's week of awesome contest. The interesting part is that I built it using functional reactive programming (well, sorta, it's still hackathon code). I wrote a few posts on my blog on Game Dev about the process and a post-mortem.


Gandalf is a wizard (hence the name) to manage shell scripts. Basically, instead of typing nano /usr/local/bin/my-script, I type gandalf create my-script -e nano (any editor can be specified via the -e parameter). It allows creating templates and including templates in scripts, a template being a file or directory to which the script has access.

Originally I wanted to be able to use it to write customisable boilerplates for my projects, but I never made it sophisticated enough for that. I still use it for simpler scripts though, because it helps me distinguish the scripts that I have created from the scripts that third party packages have installed in my /usr/local/bin directory, which is convenient when cleaning up old stuff.

Elm Boilerplate

This is a template project for Elm projects with webpack. Nothing very fancy, I just got tired of typing the same webpack config files every time I started a new project.

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This was my first and last attempt at building something with Go.

What made you drop Go?

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Avalander Author • Edited

I didn't mean that I don't want to use Go ever again, but I see now that it was an unfortunate choice of words. I just meant that I haven't gotten around with making another project with Go yet. Mostly because my latest projects have been web apps with simple backends written in node, because if you're doing web anyway, using node is very easy, and I've also been learning Elm along the way.

But I do want to use Go again in the future. I haven't decided yet if I like the language, I don't think I have used it enough for that. It has an interesting design philosophy anyway, and you can do a certain degree of functional programming with it.

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I understand. Sorry for my misunderstanding. :-)

Go is surely interesting, but I also lack projects which have no more obvious language to choose. So many choices, so little time...

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Avalander Author

I understand. Sorry for my misunderstanding. :-)

I'm sure it's not only you who misunderstood, thanks for asking :)

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