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Lunch break talks #2: Things I wish I knew when I was younger

I like to watch talks during my lunch breaks, so I share some of the best ones I bump into, along with my notes.

There are at least 3 reasons why a talk from Simon Sinek is pretty much always worth your time:

  1. He picks simple yet clever and entertaining topics
  2. He is a great motivator
  3. He's one of the best public speakers around.

See for yourself.

"See the bagel"

Cafeteria tables, aligned next to each other and a long line of runners hoping to get a free bagel. So I said to my friend "Let's get a bagel".
He looked at me and said "No man, the line is too long".
And I looked at him and said: "It's a free bagel!"

  • 2 ways you can see the world. You can see the thing you want, or you can see the thing standing in the way
  • Focus on your goals, not on what's standing in the way
  • If you focus on the end result, the obstacle is an opportunity for innovation

Perspective matters

  • Interpret nerves as excitement. Same symptoms (heart beat, sweat etc), totally different mindset
  • Being nervous (negative) vs being excited (positive)

Give yourself to your team members selflessly

  • The highest performing teams on the planet are not the strongest, not the strongest, not the fastest. They are the ones that give to each other selflessly
  • "You are here because someone took care of you and you have the responsibility to take care of others. This is the core of leadership".

Listen first, speak last

  • Be a great listener by allowing others to talk first
  • Ensure they feel listened
  • Great leaders don't start the conversation, they end it
  • Practice to be the last to speak when you're part of a team

Don't panic

  • Don't panic, so people around you stay calm
  • We confuse moments of happiness with fulfilment
  • Fulfilment is entirely different

"We all deserve a styrofoam cup"

  • Hear the story
  • Rewards and accolades are given not to you, but to the position you hold

A styrofoam cup

Bagel image is by Kreated Media
Cup image is by Marco Chilese

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